Health Insurance

Private Medical Health Insurance

All students coming to Ireland must be covered by valid health insurance for the duration of their stay.

Students from EU Member States

Students from EU Member States should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their own country before travelling to Ireland. This card will grant students the same access to Irish medical services as is the case for Irish citizens. Please keep in mind that the Irish health care system might differ from the health care system in your own country, and you may be liable for certain payments you would not be expected to cover at home. Students may also choose additional private cover, though this is not a requirement.

Students from outside the EU/ EEA

Students from outside the EU/ EEA are required to have private medical health insurance prior to entering Ireland. Students may arrange private health insurance in their own country or through an Irish health insurance company. We would advise all students to review existing schemes offered in their own country for suitability.

DCE has negotiated a cheap insurance policy which satisfies immigration requirements.

The insurance system is operated by an insurance broker called O’Driscoll O’Neill in Ireland on behalf of Medicover. Medicover Medical Expenses Insurance costs €120 , which is good value. The policy is underwritten by ACE Europe.

Medicover Standard costs €120 for any period up to one year. Cover cannot be purchased for more than one year at a time. The excess is €100.
Medicover does not provide cover for any pre-existing illness known to the insured person at the time of purchase.
A copy of the certificate of insurance will be sent to you outlining the benefits in place.